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Liturgies: Ngondro Set
Ngondro Set RESTRICTED to formal MSB Sangha Ceremony students Includes the main Longchen Nying..
Ngondro Compilations - Set of All Four
Set contains all four of the above with MP3 recordings. A great savings for many hours of listening...
Ngondro compilation - Bodhicitta: The Main Practice of the Mahayana with Download option
Bodhicitta: The Main Practice of the Mahayana This collection covers the foundational practice of..
Ngondro compilation - Purification and Accumulation: The Practices of Vajrasattva and Mandala with Download option
"Refuge lays the ground, and Bodhicitta is the main path. In that main path there is a need of purif..
Ngondro compilation - Purifying Attachments and the Practice of Guru Rinpoche: Chod and Guru Yoga with Download option
Wisdom Productions is pleased to announce the release of the final compilation in the Words of My Pe..
Ngondro compilation - Turning One’s Mind Towards the Dharma and Taking Refuge with Download option
This compilation presents carefully-arranged commentary on the first chapters of Patrul Rinpoche’s "..
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