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Liturgies: Sadhana Set

Liturgies: Sadhana Set

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Sadhana Set

RESTRICTED to formal MSB Sangha Ceremony students

Contains all liturgies needed for drupchos, tsoks, and sadhana practice. In beautiful Tibetan script, phonetics, and English translation. Includes the following liturgies: Rigdzin Düpa Sadhana, Short Gyalto Practice, Yumka Déchen Gyalmo Sadhana, Longchen Nyingtik Lineage Prayers, Lute of the Gandharvas, Narak Kongshak, Marmé Mönlam, Kongshak Dorjé Tollü, Short Ganachakra Offering, Feast Song, Dorjé’i Lü, Long Life Prayers, Nangdrak Rigsum Prayer, Long Protectors.

Printed on quality paper, pecha format, 8-1/2” x 5.5”, 386pp. (Feb. 2016 ver.)


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