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Phuntsok Choling Center Fund

Phuntsok Choling Center Fund

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Located in the majestic Rocky Mountains above Boulder, Phuntsok Choling is the central meeting place for the MSB sangha in Colorado. Phuntsok Choling provides a contemplative and peaceful atmosphere in which to connect to the Buddha’s teachings. Since 1990 we have had the privilege of hosting a variety of annual teaching and practice programs, including the Words of My Perfect Teacher, the Nyingma Summer Seminar and the MSB Shedra. We continuously strive to make these opportunities available while keeping the cost of programs workable for all who wish to attend. Without a center where students and friends can gather, practice and receive teachings together, we would never be able to ensure the growth of the Dharma in the West. Your entire contribution to the Phuntsok Choling Fund will be used to maintain infrastructure and make yearly improvements that are necessary in the powerful environment of the Rocky Mountains.  On behalf of all who benefit from the presence of Phuntsok Choling, thank you for your generosity. For more information, please contact the MSB Secretary.

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