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Asian Charity Fund (Offering and Dana)

Asian Charity Fund (Offering and Dana)

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In 1999 in honor of the passing of his mother and great practitioner, Mayum Tsewang Palden, Kongtrul Rinpoche initiated a set program of traditional offerings, prayers, and dana, or generosity practice, in India. Known as the Offering and Dana Pilgrimage, each year Rinpoche and the participants travel to Bodhgaya, Saranath and other places in India, to present myriad offerings and carry out dana activities with the positive intention that they bring benefit to countless beings.

In addition to his own personal reasons, Rinpoche makes this an annual pilgrimage in order to ensure that all who have a connection to him and have asked for prayers - whether for themselves, loved ones or the world - make a connection to the Three Jewels and gain the merit of giving to others.

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