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Orgyen Ling Center Fund

Orgyen Ling Center Fund

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Kunzang Orgyen Namdrol Ling, “Samantabhadra Uddiyana Place of Liberation”, located near Flagmount, Co. Clare, Ireland, on the north shore of Lough Grainey. When Kongtrul Rinpoche visited Orgyen Ling in January 2017, he emphasized the tremendous benefit this land will bring to the sangha, to all those who have a connection with the buddhadharma, and ultimately to all sentient beings. We can all join this vision and accumulate vast merit by contributing to the realization of this new center. Our contribution in the form of heart felt prayers and donations, which will allow us to achieve this vision, is invaluable. We warmly invite you to consider contributing generously to this place of complete liberation!


* Please use this page only if you are a US resident.  You can email europe@mangalashribhuti.org for information on how to donate outside of the US. *


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