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Rigdzin Dupa Drupcho, January 19-26, 2019, Phuntsok Choling, Ward, CO

Rigdzin Dupa Drupcho, January 19-26, 2019, Phuntsok Choling, Ward, CO

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During the Rigdzin Dupa feast offering retreat, 100,000 offering prayers are accumulated for world peace and to overcome obstacles on the path to liberation. More information.

This program is open to MSB members who have gone through the Lineage Ceremony. If you are not an MSB member, but would like to request permission to attend the program, please contact khenchungbob@mangalashribhuti.org.

Please Note: The registration price covers the basic program expenses. The offerings go toward the feast each day and are a crucial part of our accumulation of merit and blessings. If you cannot make it to the program, you can still share the merit of the practice by making an offering. To purchase offerings without attending the program, or to add offerings at any time, select “No registration” and “No lunch” and then select the offering amount.


Click here to make a prayer request. Prayer requests are read aloud each day, and 100% the monetary donation that accompanies a prayer request is spent on feast offerings as a way for those requesting prayers to share in the merit of the practice.


January 19-25, 2019

Set Up: 7:30-8:40 am

First Session: 9:00-11:00 am

Second Session: 11:25 am-12:30 pm

Lunch: 12:30-2:30 pm 

Third Session: 2:30-4:20 pm

Fourth Session: 4:50-7:00 pm

Clean Up: 7:00-8:00 pm

January 26

Arrival 4:45 am

Receiving the siddhis begins at 5:00 am, followed by offering and clean up. Plan for a long day.


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