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Garbha - Recommended Teachings Set 2
Garbha - Recommended Teachings Set 2

Garbha - Recommended Teachings Set 2

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Recommended Teachings Set 2 continues from Set 1 to lay a stable ground of understanding as Rinpoche addresses questions and hidden confusions, freeing us to engage deeply with our practice. Lojong presents the pith instructions on bodhicitta, the heart of Mahayana practice. An exploration of Lenchak, or the karmic debt which pervades many of our relationships, follows. Patience delves deeply into the practice of non-violence. The Four Marks of Existence explains the Buddhist understanding of reality. Wisdom That Penetrates Modern Culture offers another unique presentation of how to apply dharma to modern life. The set concludes with Understanding Mind's True Quest, a special teaching on how to overcome obstacles that may influence our fundamental approach to the path.

6 MP3 CDs in a multi-CD jewel case.

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