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The Wheel Blade of Mind Transformation - 2011 Lerab Ling

The Wheel Blade of Mind Transformation - 2011 Lerab Ling


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by the Great Dharmarakshita
Rigpa/Lerab Ling, L’Engayresque, France. Best of 2011

What should we do when difficulties and conflicts arise, when we are overwhelmed by insecurities, or find ourselves preoccupied with a grudge, jealousy, or attachment? Lojong, or mind-training, is the day-to-day practice of working with these mental states. It is extremely practical because we don’t need to be in retreat or meditating to transform our minds. We start where we are by seeing honestly the narrow experience of self-concern, then expand our care to include all beings. Through these teachings we can refine our understanding of karma and learn how to navigate our habitual reactions to the world around us. This program is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

“This text’s approach to working with our mind and our suffering, whatever it might be, is especially poignant, even juicy. The apparent candor and intimacy Rinpoche shares with the audience make this program especially precious.”
-- Jennifer Shippee, Crestone, CO, USA

Lerab Ling, 2011.  MP3 CD • Five Talks • Running time: 11 hrs, 38 mins.

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