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Softening the Heart, Awakening the Mind (2) - 2011 Nalanda West

Softening the Heart, Awakening the Mind (2) - 2011 Nalanda West

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Nalanda West, Seattle, WA, USA

In these teachings, Rinpoche encourages us to examine our lives like a case study, through which we research the functions and habits of our minds. He suggests we look deeply into our emotional and rational minds to discover how self-absorption works to keep us anxious and fearful, unable to be at ease in our heart and mind. To begin, he requests that students “Dissolve that small, singular self through the practice of focusing on others.” His method to replace the incapacitating habit of self-absorption begins with the crucial decision to change. With that commitment in place, there’s a lot to learn about one’s own depth of practice -- from insecurities we were not previously aware of, to negative emotions and attachments we have not wanted to confront.

“It’s the mark of an amazing teaching when you feel awe and reverence, not only for the precious teacher, but also for your fellow listeners as the blessings register on their faces. That’s what happened at Nalandabodhi -- magic and light, clean, clear, crisp, and inspiring.”
--Mary Mooney, Belligham, WA, USA

Nalanda West, 2011  MP3 CD • Four Talks • Running time 7 hours, 38 mins

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