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Sacred World - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Sacred World - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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These teachings on one of the most important and
easily misunderstood aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism
were originally given at the Halifax Shabhala Center,
Halifax,  NS Canada, in May 2012.

Vajrayana Buddhism introduces us to a sacred world through the rich and magical imagery of deities and mandalas. But until we understand the wisdom behind this imagery it will have no personal meaning for us.

The Vajrayana challenges us to question: “How do we understand the deity beyond conceptual fabrication? What is the nature of the deity and how do we genuinely cultivate “pure appearance” when the world around us seems so imperfect?” Such questions take us deeper into the practice of sacred world. We learn to value and utilize all of our experience to free the mind, which brings us to a very different way of seeing things. 

Elizabeth’s teachings have the kind of blessing power that comes from someone whose mind has been touched and transformed by the Buddha’s wisdom. With fresh language, jarring insight, and a contagious enthusiasm for inquiry, Elizabeth invites us to find our true resting place, the place where the heart is big enough to allow, with ease, all of life’s experiences. This series is a gift for seasoned practitioners and those just beginning to explore the path of wakefulness and compassion. -Sue Kochan

Halifax, Nova Scotia, CN, May 2012.  MP3 CD • Four Talks • Running time: 5 hrs, 51 mins.

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