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The Middle Way Experience - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

The Middle Way Experience - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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Crestone, Colorado, August 2012

We often hear the term “Middle Way” in the context of the Buddha’s life, teachings and meditation practice. But what exactly is the Middle Way? Most essentially, it refers to a genuine insight that we experience when our mind finds its natural resting place through study and meditation. It also refers to the path that leads us to this natural resting place. Elizabeth clarifies and leads us through an exploration of this topic in a lively series of talks and discussions.

Elizabeth originally offered these teachings as a primer to the Pundarika foundation's Summer retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche and the MSB Shedra, both in Crestone, August 2012. A shedra is a Tibetan Buddhist college of  philoshpy, whose traditional thirteen year curriculum includes the major treatises of Madhyamikan thought. In these talks Elizabeth draws out the essential concepts of the Middle Way teachings and shows the relevance of the often challenging ideas to our everyday experience. 

Elizabeth’s teachings have the kind of blessing power that comes from someone who’s mind has been touched and transformed by the Buddha’s wisdom. With fresh language, jarring insight, and a contagious enthusiasm for inquiry, Elizabeth invites us to find our true resting place, the place where the heart is big enough to allow, with ease, all of life’s experiences. This series is a gift for seasoned practitioners and those just beginning to explore the path of wakefulness and compassion. -Sue Kochan

Crestone, Colorado, August 2012.  MP3 CD • Four Talks • Running time: 6 hrs, 3 mins.

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