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Ngondro compilation - Bodhicitta: The Main Practice of the Mahayana with Download option

Ngondro compilation - Bodhicitta: The Main Practice of the Mahayana with Download option


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Bodhicitta: The Main Practice of the Mahayana

This collection covers the foundational practice of our lineage and one of Rinpoche’s favorite teaching topics. Rinpoche addresses the topics of relative and absolute Bodhicitta in depth. All who listen will find helpful advice to deepen their understanding of this quintessential subject.

Teachings on relative bodhicitta provide an explanation of what it means to practice lojong and instruction for the practices of the four immeasurables and tonglen. Several talks give a very clear and concise explanation of what it means to develop "aspiration bodhicitta," a subject which Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche says is poorly understood in modern times: "These days, people don’t have much grasp or understanding of what bodhicitta really is. If you ask them what ’arousing bodhicitta’ means, they will simply reply, ’May all sentient beings have happiness and be free of suffering,’ which is actually only a prayer of aspiration. However much merit it may generate, if it is not focused on complete enlightenment, then it is not complete bodhicitta. That is why you need to train again and again in the correct way of arousing bodhicitta."

These heart- and mind-expanding teachings on relative bodhicitta lay the foundation for the teachings on absolute bodhicitta, wherein Rinpoche explains in detail how the confused mind is obscured and elucidates the absolute nature of reality, bringing the students’ minds closer to realization of their own true nature.

The disc concludes with two talks filled with heart advice, helping students to fit their understanding of these teachings into the context of their day to day lives and their path to liberation.

Fifty four talks on a single MP3 CD; Running time: 20 hours, 46 minutes.




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