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Ngondro compilation - Purifying Attachments and the Practice of Guru Rinpoche: Chod and Guru Yoga with Download option

Ngondro compilation - Purifying Attachments and the Practice of Guru Rinpoche: Chod and Guru Yoga with Download option


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Wisdom Productions is pleased to announce the release of the final compilation in the Words of My Perfect Teacher Ngondro series, describing the practices of Chos and Guru Yoga. This compilation contains selections of Rinpoche's commentary from Ngondro retreats and annual Words of My Perfect Teacher programs over the past 18 years. Extensive readings from the root text have been removed.

"If even in imagination one can forsake this body, it threatens the makeup of egos grasping and attachments and deep rooted sense of self importance. When this is freed up, then one can pursue the path more and more easily."

"The focus of this self importance is always THIS LIFE and what anchors us to this life and this world is this body. It is the reference point. So doing this practice has great psychological effects."

As we hear so often in the teachings, the suffering of samsara comes from clinging to the idea of a self. This can seem like a vague concept when we don't relate it to all the fear, attachment, and neurosis that we have toward our physical bodies. Chod practice, which came out of the Prajnaparamita teachings, is a skillfull means to help overcome this attachment. This compilation contains extensive commentary on why Chod is such a necessary and beneficial practice, and practical instructions for carrying out the daily practice within the Ngondro liturgy. Also included are sections pertaining to the four maras, conceit, karmic debt, and heart advice concerning the Chod practice.

"In Maha Ati, the Guru's blessing is the only thing that penetrates the co-emergent ignorance. Therefore, importance is placed on the Guru Yoga. It is known as the immediate cause of realization in the Dzogchen tradition."

"The only thing that wakes you up to the whole delusion is to realize the nature of your mind. It is not whether the guru smiles at you and favors you, pats you on the back, confirms you or not. We are not on the path because of those things. We are on it because we want to wake up from delusions. How? By recognizing the nature of one's mind. And for that, the mögu (devotion) is the key."

Devotion plays a key role in the path of Dzogchen, and in the ngondro practice we are given a means to access that through the practice of Guru Yoga. This section of the compilation is rich with commentary that will provide further understanding of many subtle concepts related to devotion and the practice of Guru Yoga. It is a wonderful resource for practitioners of all levels. Included are sections on the spiritual friend, devotion/mögu, practice instructions, and heart advice. The practice instructions section covers the entire liturgy of the Guru Yoga, from visualization to the four empowerments.

105 talk excerpts. Running time 27 hours, 56 minutes.

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