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Ngondro compilation - Purification and Accumulation: The Practices of Vajrasattva and Mandala with Download option

Ngondro compilation - Purification and Accumulation: The Practices of Vajrasattva and Mandala with Download option


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"Refuge lays the ground, and Bodhicitta is the main path. In that main path there is a need of purifying one's obscurations and accumulating merit for one's own innate enlightened nature to shine and reveal itself from the veil of obscuration."

Wisdom Productions is pleased to announce the release of the third disk in the Words Of My Perfect Teacher Ngondro series. This set is titled "Purification and Accumulation -- the practices of Vajrasattva and Mandala" and includes detailed explanations regarding each of these practices.Rinpoche paraphrases Patrul Rinpoche in the following two quotations:

"The reason we don't make so much progress is because we do not put enough effort to purify what holds us back."

"One of the reasons why we don't make progress as much as we could is because we are not so open to confess our own obscurations."

Being able to confess fully and sincerely is a pivotal step in being able to relax with one's mind. In these talks Kongtrul Rinpoche gives advice on how to get over guilt and other unhelpful emotional reactions to our past deeds and present mind states. If we can learn the proper way to view and approach the practices of confession and purification, we will see these practices working in our mind on a day to day basis. We will grow more relaxed and confident in our mind and our intentions, and we will be able to overcome certain mind states that keep us from engaging deeply in practice.

The Vajrasattva section also includes commentary on visualization practice, which practitioners of both Ngondro and Sadhana will find helpful.

Mandala practice is a means of training the mind to open up further in our relationship to the phenomenal world. It leads us to realize that we can use so many experiences in our daily lives to further expand our hearts and minds through making mental offerings. We do this practice to accumulate merit in order to further purify our minds and to bring about the appropriate circumstances for realization. We make offerings on the level of each of the three kayas, which helps to further expand our understanding of the mind and it's capabilities. These talks include a detailed section on merit, and also much discussion of the three kayas in relation to the mandala offering.

We welcome you to take advantage of this valuable compilation of teachings!

116 talk excerpts from teachings given 1992-2009. Running time 24 hours, 49 minutes.

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