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Compassionate Activity

The wish to bring benefit to beings lies at the heart of Buddhist practice—and engaging in compassionate activities is a natural expression of this wish. Helping those in need, making offerings and prayers to the buddhas and bodhisattvas on behalf of all beings, and supporting the conditions for the sangha to flourish are ways of serving others that lessens our self-cherishing and awakens our potential for greater compassion. Below you will find opportunities for your donations and prayers, which will have a direct effect on beings in need. If you are inspired to contribute, we ask you to take a moment to rejoice in your own generosity, for when we give, we don’t just benefit others. Our generosity plants a seed that will one day blossom into enlightenment.

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Life Release: The Tsetar Fund
Rinpoche and the sangha undertake the practice of life release, or tsetar, six times a year. Students and friends gather in Portland, Maine to purchase lobsters from the local suppliers. Taking the crates out to the dock, the rubber bands that bind their claws are cut. The fortunate female..
Prayer Requests for Life Release in Japan
Submit and prayer request for the life release in Japan. All funds will be used to ransom lives. If you would like to make an offering in an amount that is not given as an option, select $10 and adjust the quantity to obtain the desired product. ..
Asian Charity Fund (Offering and Dana)
In 1999 in honor of the passing of his mother and great practitioner, Mayum Tsewang Palden, Kongtrul Rinpoche initiated a set program of traditional offerings, prayers, and dana, or generosity practice, in India. Known as the Offering and Dana Pilgrimage, each year Rinpoche and the partici..
Dana for Homeless in Denver
In MSB we have a longstanding tradition of helping those in need. As a continuation of the dana, or generosity practice, we are gathering funds to offer to the homeless of Denver, CO. Your generous donation will go towards the purchase of blankets, clothes and other ite..
Karuna Maitri Fund
Karuna Maitri Fund Kongtrul Rinpoche's vision for Karuna Maitri is that sangha volunteers would serve as a support to those who are having a hard time in their lives due to loss, illness, or depression, and to offer support during the death and dying process. Karuna Maitri will help lin..
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